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Who we are and what we are


We ourselves are fans of our product, and we are improving in every possible way in technologies and materials. We are interested in making complex projects and creative approach to each order.
Dmitry Denisenko

When an idea is born in your head and you unconditionally believe in it and bring it to life day after day, in spite of temporary failures and difficulties, then in the end result fate will give you what you expect. After a while, you realize that you are the owner of a unique product that endlessly pleases you and the people for whom you do it. And it is doubly pleasant when next to you in this process, side by side is your best friend and daughter in one person. This is not just a mosaic, this is the birth of a family tradition, it is love for work and freedom of creativity.

We create and share



Our work is sheer creativity, whether it is a new mosaic design or the solution of some technological issues.
Darina Denisenko

I graduated from the Faculty of Ceramics at the College in Kiev and, to be honest, did not think at all that this would become my passion and my life's work. The more I learned about clay, materials and techniques, the more I enjoyed doing it. We did the first work in DETILES technique in 2011. Later it grew into something more. My greatest joy in this process is to see how other people, acquiring our mosaic, rejoice like children. I am very pleased to know that DETILES is a unique product of its kind, it can be recognized among other manufacturers of tiles and mosaics.

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