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Ceramic DECORS

Decorating your home is easy! DETILES ready-made home decors will add sophistication to your interior, it is not only handmade mosaics and tiles. A decorative mosaic panel in a wooden frame can also serve as an excellent gift for connoisseurs of beautiful things. Hot coasters, candlesticks, mosaic panels and much more for your home.

Керамические круглые подставки под горячее, подставки под чашки. Лучший сувенир для близких или просто отличный керамический домашний декор.

Hot coasters

Round coasters for cups and glasses with a diameter of 10 cm. Made in a variety of colors. If you don’t find your favorite color, we will make it to order, especially for you.

Керамический подсвечник станет отличным декором для вашего интерьера. Курглый подсвечник с рельефным декором.


Candles in the house certainly create a cozy atmosphere. The candlestick can delight you for a very long time and give light to your home. It is also a wonderful souvenir for any occasion.

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